“As we began to think about launching our new Accounting Firm one of the most stressful tasks we had to figure out was how do we brand ourselves and who can help us hit the ground running? After all we are a bunch of accountants so marketing and creativity is a foreign language to us.  Studio Oi came to the rescue and exceeded anything we could have imagined. Pia and her team took charge from the get go. The made us feel comfortable with their understanding of our needs and goals and were extremely caring and responsive along the way. As we went through the process of figuring out our brand, including name, logo, look, and presentation, Studio OI gave us the options we needed to make great choices. Fast forward to our official launch and everything that goes into getting a firm running, our branding was already in place and making a huge impact.  I would say not a week goes by that I don’t get an email from a friend or other professional resource complimenting our brand and asking us how we came up with the name and logo. We have Studio Oi to thank for that among other marketing materials that continue to get rave reviews. I cannot thank the team over at Studio OI enough for taking what felt like a difficult task and turning it into a huge success opening new doors for our firm all the time. I cant wait to see the impact Studio Oi will have on its other current and future clients.”

– Scott Gilmore, Ascend Advisors
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Moving the needle between survival and success is no easy feat for most companies. Your brand strategy is the backbone of your organization and a long-term road map (with regular pit-stops) designed to achieve specific goals.

We help you deeply understand your business and better define and evaluate your brand essence and presence. For us, it’s not just about cracking the next campaign, it’s about a strategic partnership for the long term.For a strategic deep dive, our signature Brand Health Check offering can provide high-level brand insights. Whether part of a larger long-term brand strategy or leveraged periodically to stay on track, these sessions pack a punch and can uncover powerful new opportunities.


Brands as personalities - if we are asking consumers to emotionally connect with our brand, then we must be authentic, likable, engaging, and provide a meaningful experience.

Your brand identity includes visual elements such as logos, typography, color, and graphic language (shapes, patterns, iconography) and harnesses the power of language developed in your brand platform to build, or reinforce, the reputation of your brand.


The digital umbrella is getting larger and larger - dare we call it a digital parachute these days?

A carefully considered digital marketing plan employs a wide variety of different tactics, strategies, and online tools to help businesses connect with their target audiences and attain its marketing and sales goals. From websites to social media, from app development, drip campaigns and video storytelling, a well crafted digital plan is an essential part of most companies modern toolkit.


The Oi team are storytellers, and great storytelling never gets old. Need to amplify your brand position, educate your stakeholders or engage people into thought and action?

We love creating impactful comms and nailing the best execution strategy for it to be heard. Our happy place is making an indelible imprint with messages that count. Building effective communication or advertising campaigns take time and planning. We’ll recommend the best media levers to pull - with purpose - that have the right fit for your brand.

While it’s usually about creating positive noise, there may be times when you need to mitigate issues - and we thrive on managing both.


Brand experiences encompass live events that foster human connection and drive brand loyalty. Whether it's a business luncheon you want to turn into a memorable event or a world premiere of a surf film (we've done several of those) and everything in between - our love and focus is on creating unique events that ensure you stand up, and stand out - and have fun doing it! Oi!

Business, Brand & Culture (small business)

So. Who are you now and who do you really want to be?

Our mission is to delve deep and uncover the essence of your business, your brand and your people. It might be the wake-up call you’ve been feeling is way overdue and we want to uncover the good, the bad and the ugly to help you transition to the next phase of success and traction.Great yoghurt has a great culture and it’s the product of time, effort and a kick-ass recipe. Believe it or not, the same ingredients apply for a business. Nurturing culture is essential for sustainable growth and we are passionate about helping our clients on that journey. This offering is ideally geared to small sized businesses who understand the magical power of well thought-out brand strategy but may not have the budget to meet the price tag of bigger agencies. (But, ahem...you don’t need to :-)) We also play very happily in the arena of internal comms, finding innovative ways to share core values and brand truths with your team. From yawn-proof training materials to inspiring staff events, we can create meaningful engagement where you need it most.

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Casual hookup

Not ready to commit but looking for a kick-ass partner for pina coladas and getting caught in the rain? We have the blender ready!

We know new relationships take time, choices are abundant (so thanks for checking us out) and sometimes you just need some TLC, guidance or a makeover to get you back on track and feeling like yourself again. Sometimes it’s been so long we forget who we even were when we started out, perhaps you’ve moved so fast (congrats) but your culture and brand got left behind. Think of us as expert brand guidance counsellors who can help you get back to living your best life. Work counts for too much of our lives, it should be driven by purpose, surrounded by long term believers and co-visionaries and inspire us to want to do and be more. Let us help you get back on track - and who knows - if you like us you might decide to put a ring on it and go for the long-term commitment like many of our other partners. 

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Long term relationship

So how do you take your coffee in the morning?

Long term relationships are amazing when you can trust and take a leap. Let’s face it, it is a leap for you - and also for us. Finding a strategic, creative brand partner who sees you for who you are and who you can become…sometimes warts and all…is rare. Ensuring it’s a good match ♥ is in both our best interests and we are committed to going the distance. There are ups and downs in every relationship but we see ourselves as a true part of your team, an extension who has the objectivity of not being in the trenches with you every day but is truly connected to who you are. We bring experience and perspective plus the right attitude and skills to set a course for the horizon, with the agility to pivot when new opportunities or threats arise.

Regularly scheduled dates (aka meetings) help us stay in step, ensure consistency and provide the right support. While retainers mean we reserve time for you and take this into consideration before entering into new partnerships so you can trust we’ll be there for you. It also gives you priority access to our team and faster turnarounds. Ready to get serious?

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